Born to roam

I come from a family of travelers. My mother is an immigrant from the Philippines. Out of her nine siblings, she’s one of three that moved out of the country, and one of two that settled outside the PI’s borders. My paternal grandmother worked in and moved her children around Micronesia, Polynesia, and South East Asia. My father’s sister lived in Japan, while my dad spent most of his teens, twenties, and thirties in SE Asia and Polynesia. So, I wasn’t bitten with the traveling bug- I was born with it. Through my travels, I learned so much about myself and the world, which has (hopefully) helped me develop into a well rounded person. I strongly believe that everyone should travel if they’re able to (it’s much easier than you think). Here’s why.

You discover yourself

Traveling and exploring the world has taught me so much about myself, opened my mind to new perspectives, and solidified some of my beliefs. Returning to the US after two years in China, I realized the same things don’t bother me anymore. I also learned how to be more outgoing, to be curious, and to ask questions. I ate my way through every place I traveled to, even if I did turn down a plate of chicken feet or two. Hikes that I loathed taking at the time┬ánow provide a story just as fun to retell as the hikes that I loved. Even to that, I still feel like I didn’t fully grasp my opportunities. But, I’m glad to have had them.

It’s more affordable than you think

Traveling can be expensive. But there are plenty of resources at your disposal that can reduce the cost to explore. I personally love using Airbnb to book affordable apartments. You can also book cars and boats. But also, traveling doesn’t always have to mean going abroad. There is plenty to discover in your own part of the world. Think of it this way- people travel to where you live all the time. There must be something interesting there, so go find out what it is.

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