Last week, I realized 30th birthday is less than 2 months away, and my body is definitely not quite beach-ready. Since I expect to be in a bikini sometime this summer, I figured I’d better get started on my work out regimen stat. Unfortunately the gyms in Changping aren’t really up to snuff- they have limited and old equipment, they don’t turn on the AC, they’re dirty, and they charge about $50 USD a month. That’s the same monthly cost for the nice gym I attended back in Seattle- for top of the line equipment, clean locker rooms, and free classes.

Thanks to, I don’t need to shell out my hard earned cash on a subpar gym. is part of the home gym movement- all you really need to participate is access to YouTube, a mat, and runners. That’s it! You can spruce up your routines with weights and equipment, but if you don’t have that stuff, that’s okay. Plus, it’s free!

The videos can be intimidating at first because the instructor is amazingly hot and fit, but they’re very good about helping folks in all stages of fitness participate (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each video has variations that fit your needs, so there is really no excuse for you to say “I can’t.” And the best part- it only takes 12 minutes a day!

Right now I’m doing the May 30 day challenge. Get started here.