Day 8 of being sick. I was looking at my YouTube channel, and I realized that in 3 of my videos, I was sick and in China. I swear, this country is wearing me down. I eventually went to the hospital a couple of nights ago. There is no kind way to put this- it was terrifying and filthy- spit on the floor, cockroaches, open exam rooms (Privacy? What’s that?). It’s entirely possible that I’m just accustomed to overly sterilized US hospitals, but ya’know what? I’m cool with that.

However, what I did notice is that the hospital was 110 times more efficient in terms of paperwork than any US clinic, let alone hospital, I’ve ever been to. Between the time I walked in to walked out, I was there 30 minutes. That includes filling out paperwork (for a foreigner no less), waiting, seeing the doctor, getting a prescription, and picking it up. And my medicine? 116 RMB. NICE!

So I’ve been home for the past 8 days, working here. It sucks being sick but on the bright side, I have a kitty with me! I’m housesitting Louis’s cat while he’s back in Taiwan. Yup, you guessed it. I took A LOT of pictures. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all of them.


This cat feels like a warm, cuddly cloud of fluff. He’s SO CUTE! And affectionate, when he’s not busy playing with my hair-ties or trying to eat my yogurt. Also, he loves the bathroom. Anytime someone is in there, he needs to get in. I guess he claimed that room for himself. I think it’s because he loves the shower. Whenever I turn it on, he runs in and watches the water fall. Sometimes, he sticks his paw in the water. Oh oh! Also, his meow sounds like a squeak. Le sigh.

Attention readers in Norway- I need your help!

A friend of mine from Seattle visited last week and told me that a friend from Norway wrote a movie that is doing well in the box offices. Apparently, this movie grossed more in its opening weekend than Harry Potter. It opened last weekend. I can’t remember the title of the movie. Can anyone help me out?