Santa came early! Last night, I got my paws on Snacpchat Spectacles. My business partner Christopher went through hell and high water to find someone willing to part with the device, and it finally came in. Myself, I’ll probably pick up my own device in January. I’m hot and cold with Snapchat (I’ve installed and uninstalled at least 3 times). I have specific uses for the social networks I’m on. Facebook is for family and other people’s baby pictures. Instagram is for stalking models and cats. Imgur is for laughs, and Reddit is for Westworld theories. Twitter is for…. periodically pinging @SlackHQ to see if other people are also experiencing downtime? But I could never quite figure out how I should use Snapchat. I’m not into small talk, so I wouldn’t use it as a chat service. If I want to stalk keep up to date with hot people good friends and family, I have Insta stories and FB respectively.

Naturally, whenever a new device or method of communication emerges, the first thing many think about is sex. This week Jesse spoke with Kerry Flynn at Mashable about the possibilities Spectacles holds for the adult industry.

Jesse Adams, co-founder and CEO of adult content app platform MiKandi, says his company is already looking at the potential of Spectacles. “We haven’t gotten our hands on one yet, but with the adult industry, any time there’s a new gadget, we’re very excited in terms of how to explore it,” he said.

His company embraced the first wearable camera, Google Glass, and used it to create an app called “Tits and Glass” as well as film a parody porn video back in 2013.

Between Google Glass, Samsung Gear VR, and now Snapchat Spectacles, we’re amassing quite a collection of sexy wearables. We’re already thinking of all the fun we can have with this new, undoubtably cool device. He’ll have to follow up with Flynn today with an update that the MiKandi Team has gotten their hands on Spectacles. I like to imagine that somewhere someone at Google is saying to someone at Snapchat, “Now it’s your turn to deal with them.” 😉

I’m a big fan of bleeding edge technology – especially devices and gadgets. I proudly wore Google Glass around while apparently sacrificing my dignity along the way, according to naysayers and glass-haters. Google Glass is a device of contradictions. It’s intended for communication, but it’s hard to talk to someone on it. It captures and shares moments immediately, but getting the shot just right is cumbersome. It connects you with the world, but could alienate you from the people in front of you. But as with all technology, it is what you make it.

Glass had immense possibilities, but Google couldn’t make it cool. Cool, afterall, isn’t something you learn – it’s something you’re born with. Even Oculus Rift, with its ability to transport and immerse its user into new worlds, is wondrous but still not cool. Smartwatches are gimmicky and so low on the usability factor that they don’t even get a chance to hop on the scale.

This is what makes Spectacles so exciting. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my Google Glass. I love my VR headset. Both devices have far more interesting tech, but both are single-player devices.

I love the look of this device. It’s just a great pair of glasses that you could wear on their own, without the cameras of course. It’s enough to make me install Snapchat again. If you’re on it, I’m jenny-purr.