Well, I’m sick… again. I’ve been sick 4 or 5 times since I moved over here. It mostly like has to do with these factors:

  1. I’m pretty much stationary. All. The. Time. For example, for the past two days, the most I’ve moved is from one end of the couch to the other. However, for the past two days I’ve been sick. It’s a vicious cycle.
  2. I eat bad food. Chinese food that I have access to is extremely oily. Western food that I have access to is also extremely oily. Raw consumption of fresh vegetables is not recommended. Unfortunately for me, I have a pansy-ass American stomach that can’t handle food that isn’t rinsed in purified water. Exaggerating. Distilled is ok.
  3. The air is polluted. This town is growing very fast so there is a lot of new construction going on. Further, there are a bunch of factories here (they call Dongguan the world’s factory for a reason).

Where I am, there isn’t much to do for fun, so I end up spending most of my time working, eating, and sleeping. Smoking is pretty much allowed anywhere. Even though I walk everywhere and drink a fraction of what I used to, I haven’t lost much weight plus I’m getting sick more often. China, you’re wearing me down, dawg.