There used to be a time when my Saturday mornings were spent in bed, hungover, and avoiding the light like a vampire. Since moving to China, I drink a fraction of what I used to drink on Friday nights. Actually, I rarely ever go out. While this has caused the rapid disintegration (best. album. EVAR) of what was once a robust social life, it does have its perks.

  1. I wake up earlier. I found that I quite like the morning light.
  2. Since I wake up earlier, I’m more productive. Get this- I like to deep clean my apartment now. I KNOW ,RIGHT?!
  3. It gives me time to catch up on
    1. blogging
    2. work
    3. reading
    4. browsing
    5. tweeting/FBing/G+ing/Formspringing
    6. astrophile stuffz
    7. playing with my new Macbook (Photo Booth y’all!)

Louie is leaving for Taiwan on Monday and asked me to pick up Bobo on Sunday. Y, SATURDAY? Y U NO SUNDAY?! I’ll have to contain myself until then. In the meantime, I need to cat proof my home. AYE SO EXCITE!