Robot ethics is a thought provoking subject. Particularly, as a sex toy designer, I’m interested in the evolution of sex toys into intelligent social products that learn from and adapt to you. If a robotic sex product hurts you, who’s at fault? The creator, the manufacturer, the robot itself? And then there are social ethics- can you cheat on your spouse with a robot? Can you assault a robot? Would you use one to act out dark fantasies, instead of a human partner/victim? Do or should robots have legal protections?

Judging by the state of the sex toy industry, that innovation is far, far away. But there are technologies that exist today and that are in development for tomorrow, that make these questions increasingly more relevant.

My friend +Kate Darling gave this fantastic presentation at re:publica 2013 on Robot Ethics. If you’re interested in the subject, watch the video below, then follow her on Twitter. @grok_
Also, learn more about her here: