Last month, Tim, Pauline, their daughter, Pauline’s brother, Jesse, and I drove down to Portland for a weekend-o-fun. If you don’t know, Oregon has no sales tax, so if you ever find yourself in the state, that would be a good time to have your shopping spree. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the mood to shop. But I was in the mood to eat, and thankfully Portland has no shortage of must-see restaurants. I did, however, have a difficult time finding anything to do after 10 PM on a Sunday or Monday. It seems this city goes to bed early.

After Portland, we spent a night at Canon Beach, of Goonies fame. If I could do this trip over, I’d flip it so that I spent one night in Portland, and two in Canon Beach. If I’m going to be in a quiet, chill state (physically and mentally), I might as well be near the ocean, right?



Oh, something I noted- Folks in Portland are much more receptive to Google Glass than Seattlites BY FAR. I found that interesting since Seattle is supposed to be a tech haven. In Seattle, passersby will ridicule Glass wearers and be unwilling to try the device even if they have a lot to say about it (seriously, how can you have such a strong opinion on something you haven’t tried and aren’t willing to understand?). But Portland folks were warm, friendly, and inquisitive. Who’d ‘av thunk it?