This weekend, Jess and I attended PAX Prime in Seattle. We weren’t able to attend all four days, but were fortunate enough to snag a couple of Saturday badges. I quickly learned that one day is not enough time to enjoy the event, but we tried to do as much as possible. Next year, I’ll be much better prepared… and possibly in a costume.


Speaking of costumes, check out this little cosplayer. I saw this squirt in the lobby with his or her dad. My first reaction was to squeeeeee like my life depended on it (and I did). But little homie was having none of that. No response to my waving, no hiding behind Daddy’s leg when I came barreling towards him, camera ready. He or she did the only appropriate thing for someone in a suit like this- stand firm, grab your weapon, and pose like a badass.

Cosplay Kid
Cosplay Kid

There were tons more folks dressed up but I didn’t get a chance to take many photos. The saddest part of my day was while I was heading out for a meeting, I saw Harley’s Joker riding up the escalator. He saw me too, pointed and did the face. That was my second squeal of the day. My heart broke as we passed each other. All I could do was watch him slip away. I spent the rest of the afternoon looking for him so I could grab a photo but to no avail. Sigh. Next year.


2013-08-31 15.40.45-1

Tap my Glass

Tap my Glass

I donned the ever-so-sexy sky blue Google Glass for optimal nerd efficiency. Remember when I said that Seattle folks are not as receptive to Google Glass as I assume they’d be? It turns out PAX attracts all the people in Seattle who are excited about the device and gathers them in one convenient location. Which is wonderful, because I truly love sharing Glass with anyone who is curious or anxious about it. I honestly see no better way to ease someone’s trepidation or amp up another’s excitement than to let them try Google Glass first hand. Plus, I live for the way their faces light up the moment they say, “Ok Glass.”

In the future, I’ll ask folks if I can share the photos and videos they take. Not that there’s much to share anyway. Most of the shots are of me cheesing like a camera ham, or watching them anxiously for their reaction. You’d think I created the damn thing.

Let’s play a game

Between meetings, searching for Harley’s Joker, and fielding questions about Google Glass,  I managed to sneak in a game or two. But forget about demoing any big production console game, unless you don’t mind waiting an hour. I’m totally impressed with indie game developers- the quality and caliber of their products was astounding. I had a lot of good old fashioned giddy fun with BeatBuddy.

But what I’m most anxious for is pretty much anything that have anything to do with the Occulus Rift. Like this FPS with a freaking treadmill. This alone will cure the obesity epidemic in the United States. LOOK AT IT!

2013-08-31 17.25.33