My 2017 resolution taught me something important – year-long arching goals don’t work well for me. It’s said that most New Year resolutions fall by the wayside just a few weeks into the year. Instead of setting myself up with a big goal, and disappointing myself in December, this year I’ll switch it up. I’m going to give myself monthly resolutions instead. I have tons of professional goals and tasks, but I’ll limit these monthly resolutions here to personal goals. Work/Life balance, I think it’s called.

They say it takes two weeks for form a habit. Who knows? Maybe by the end of January, these challenges will become routine. Here’s what’s in store.


  • Read at least 25 pages of any book everyday (I’m starting with Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea)
  • Some sort of physical exercise everyday
  • No Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu during the week
  • Limit coffee to Sunday only