As you know, MiKandi developed the first adult app for Google Glass last month. It was immediately disabled after Google updated their policy to prohibit adult content in Glass apps, or Glassware. Well, they must not know about us, because we don’t take things lying down. The app is back, albeit censored. (You can still access the NSFW content on the website- Then we realized something- while we may not be able to put 18+ material in Glass, there’s no rule against us recording 18+ material with Glass. What’s that? A new button envelope to push? Okay!

(Just kidding about the button thing. We’re big supporters of Google products and are genuinely excited about Glass.)

with JD ASD

So, I flew down to Los Angeles with Jesse and another MiKandian to work with XBIZ, James Deen (I’m on his blog!!), Andy San Dimas, and Arikia Millikan with to film the first Google Glass adult video. Arikia had just picked up her device and was kind enough to lend James Deen her device, while Andy San Dimas donned MiKandi’s. The result is quite possibly the best Google Glass commercial to date.

Google Glass Porn

Meeting two of the world’s biggest adult performers was a trip. Especially meeting James Deen. I mean, look at him. Have you ever seen a male porn star quite so handsome? Arikia and I joked that we nearly inked ourselves when he opened the door to greet us.

inkedShe wrote a fantastic account of what happened behind the scenes and the future of adult entertainment, and frankly human sexuality, on Medium. I highly recommend you read this thought provoking piece.

So, this last Tuesday we finally put the video live on our YouTube channel (subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!). In just 24 hours, we hit 1 million views, 2 million views in 48 hours, and as of right now, it’s been viewed over 3 million times! I.. wow… I just, wow. We’ve had some fairly successful videos in the past, but nothing compared to this. Obviously, it helps to work with three incredibly popular performers. Who’s the third? You’re just going to have to watch to the end to find out. 😉

Here’s the Behind the Scenes video:

You can watch the uncensored version on