We’ve had some exceptionally great weather this year in Seattle. I like to make-believe that it’s the Universe’s Welcome Home gift to me after living in a crazy-hot-and-humid environment  for a couple of years that I wasn’t acclimated to and therefore couldn’t enjoy. Or perhaps the good karma I’ve built up over the years is paying off. Not that I believe in karma, or that I have a supply of the good kind. 😉

This Sunday was another lovely Spring day in Seattle. I’ve been cooped up inside working on a big update for MiKandi. When I woke up to blue skies and that big warm yellow thing in the sky, I had to at least spend a few hours outside. We went over to my teammate’s condo in Belltown. His deck has a spectacular view of Puget Sound, so we camped out up there with some beer and snacks. Afterwards, I headed back home and back to the grind, refreshed and ready for a long night of work.

And Game of Thrones.

And Mad Men.

Gawd, I love Sunday’s.