My friends Jot ( and Louie ( were in town for a few days, so J and I decided to meet them in Hong Kong for a night of libations and dancing. We arrived a few hours earlier than the guys and had Mexican food for lunch. Back in the States, I never really crave Mexican food. I think it’s because many of the restaurants in Seattle serve the same dishes. It’s like Chinese food in Seattle. If you’ve had it once, you’ve had it all.  But then coming to China, I learned that there are so many delicious dishes that I never heard of in Seattle. I don’t understand why American Chinese restaurants insist on serving the same dishes- General Tsao’s Chicken, Almond Chicken, Mongolian Beef. It’s so boring compared to authentic Chinese food. So I assume it’s the same deal with Mexican food. If I lived in Tucson, I’m sure I’d have amazing Mexican food regularly…. omg, TANGENT! Sorry guys, I digress.

So to make a short story long, I found a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong that serves amazing food! So much better than anything I’ve had in Seattle. We ordered a couple of jumbo margaritas with lunch… which was about 3 glasses each of some really strong, really sour margaritas and set me up for a weekend of drunktardation. Once I get the photographic evidence from Louie’s camera, I’ll show you guys a drink I ordered from the Upper House called The Zombie. Let’s put it this way, the name is fitting.

More to come!