My friends Jot ( and Louie ( were in town for a few days, so J and I decided to meet them in Hong Kong for a night of libations and dancing. We arrived a few hours earlier than the guys and had Mexican food for lunch. Back in the States, I never really crave Mexican food. I think it’s because many of the restaurants in Seattle serve the same dishes. It’s like Chinese food in Seattle. If you’ve had it once, you’ve had it all. ┬áBut then coming to China, I learned that there are so many delicious dishes that I never heard of in Seattle. I don’t understand why American Chinese restaurants insist on serving the same dishes- General Tsao’s Chicken, Almond Chicken, Mongolian Beef. It’s so boring compared to authentic Chinese food. So I assume it’s the same deal with Mexican food. If I lived in Tucson, I’m sure I’d have amazing Mexican food regularly…. omg, TANGENT! Sorry guys, I digress.

So to make a short story long, I found a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong that serves amazing food! So much better than anything I’ve had in Seattle. We ordered a couple of jumbo margaritas with lunch… which was about 3 glasses each of some really strong, really sour margaritas and set me up for a weekend of drunktardation. Once I get the photographic evidence from Louie’s camera, I’ll show you guys a drink I ordered from the Upper House called The Zombie. Let’s put it this way, the name is fitting.

More to come!