Gawd, I love Seattle! Donny and Debbie treated us out to dinner at the Met last night to celebrate J’s 30th birthday. We shared a seafood platter and a bottle of wine. I had an 18oz ribeye and a “Seahawk” cocktail. Basically, last night I devoured things I haven’t devoured in over a year.

There’s something about enjoying bloody, red meat with red wine that kinda puts me in the mood to see everyone naked. I pretty much wanted to eat everyone in the restaurant alive. So if you were at the Met last night, I apologize for the eye-fuckage. It was primal. >=9

After the Met, we stopped by The Grill on Broadway for some Long Island iced tea. According to Donny, no one makes a Long Island like this place. I would have to concur, because my order came in a carafe. It was strong as fuck, hence the tipsy iPhoto session above.

On my 2nd carafe

If you’re ever in Seattle, I highly recommend you get primal too.

The Metropolitan Grill

The Grill on Broadway