That’s what that saying should really be. Since deciding to work for myself those many years ago, I’ve been really tired and hungry- and I mean that both metaphorically and actually. But I get to do what I love, so, sleep? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

It’s been a long day, weekmonth, screw it, year. We’ve been working overtime at MiKandi (well, over our usual overtime) gearing up for a huge update to the app store. If you’re curious, you can take a gander at it now by updating the app next time you open it. Updating is voluntary right now, but soon it’ll be required. We’re ironing out a few more kinks, but believe me, you’re gonna love it. If you have any issues, shoot me an email at, or tap Help in the app store to send us a message.

If you’re familiar with product development, you know the usual lifecycle: concept, sketch, wireframes, design, develop, feel pretty confident, meet friends for happy hour on occassion, look at your calendar, panic, develop more, confidence plummets, rethink UI, live off a diet of ramen and mountain dew, freak out, develop, look at job listings on Craigslist just in casetest, pull your hair out, set Skype status to Don’t Even Think About It, Asshole, test, develop, ship…I guess?, hope it doesn’t break, test some more, develop, test, OH FUCK IT, JUST RELEASE  THE DAMN THING, see analytics and revenues climb, THEY LIKE US, THE CUSTOMERS REALLY LIKE US!, be super invigorated and productive from your happiness high, get shit done, aaaaaaand ship!

Right now, we’re between our “happiness high” and “ship!” Explains why I’m just now hitting the hay at 6:30 AM. Which in turn explains why this post may not be coherent to you well rested folk. I apologize, but I’ve pretty much hit delirium. I suspect I’ll read this when I wake up and think, “Well, it sounded good at the time.” Right now, I can hardly keep my eyes open, between lack of (good) sleep and the fact that I can’t blink very well anymore because I spend entirely way too much time looking at screens.

ok, enough now. Must sleep and dream of updates, kittens, and rainbows. Turns out I do have time for that.