Yesterday I ate at an amazing Chinese restaurant for lunch. I enjoyed it so much, I came back for dinner. This place is probably the coolest restaurant in all of Changping. Although it’s on the third floor, it’s designed to look like an old Chinese village. In the foyer there’s a wooden gate/entrance, a couple of fountains, and old style table and stools to play 象棋 (Xiàngqí). When you get inside, you walk through hallways that look like alleys, complete with street lamps. There are many rooms, each decorated slightly differently. If you’re with a smaller party, there are booths covered with bright colored linens that kind of remind me of a 官轿 (Guān jiào).

This place gets brownie points for having a menu in Chinese and English with pictures. The food is delicious, service amazing, and clientele classy. You won’t find patrons yelling in their cell phones or spitting on the floor (yes, it happens… frequently).

If you visit Changping, this restaurant is a must-see-eat-love. Unfortunately I don’t know the name, but it’s in the Japanese Village in the heart of Changping. This town is small enough that you’ll know the place.

So fancy!
Incense and fountain