If you’re looking for a lavish night out with old school flair, you’ll want stop by Circadia. This posh new restaurant just last month and is bringing some glamour and fine dining to downtown Seattle.

Jesse and I stopped by on a whim after an afternoon of holiday shopping Realizing we were severely underdressed for the venue (Adidas sneakers just doesn’t scream luxury), we agreed on a quick drink with a promise to return the next night to celebrate our anniversary. One sip of my Circadia Cocktail and one glance at the menu was all the push we needed to kickstart our anniversary celebration a day early. And so we celebrated with the 3 course tasting meal and another round of drinks. We left happy, full, and feeling like superstars.

The Team

Circadia is founded and owned by husband and wife duo Jake Kosseff and Jeanie Inglis. The culinary team is led by Garrett Melkonian and Elizabeth Daniel. Andrea Fulton-Higgins heads the beverage program. Art is by Seattle’s Juan Alonso-Rodriguez.

What to Eat

You can’t go wrong with the 3 course tasting meal. I ordered the Wagyu Beef Tartare, the chicken with burnt cream, fenugreek, ballotine, cremini mushroom and tarragon, and almond soufflé. I got a tip from the owner Jeannie that their french fried potato might change my life. I’ll be sure to try that next and report back.

What to Drink

This is old Hollywood glamour, so get in the spirit with some gin. I enjoy a classic Martini with a twist, so I went with the Martini on their lounge menu (with orange bitters). If you prefer something sweet,  try the Circadia Cocktail.

What to Wear

Don’t be like me and walk in with a bomber jacket and Superstars. You won’t be treated any differently, mind you. But you’ll want to get in the moment and dress up. The atmosphere is so fancy, I darted into the restroom to quickly change into my newly purchased pumps. If you want to look like you stepped back in time, think Great Gatsby when you’re putting together your outfit for the evening.