I did it! I finally got around to posting up photos of my 30th birthday.

Last year, I asked, “Where should I celebrate my 30th birthday?” Spending it in China was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn’t know at the time of that post that my sister was planning a trip to visit me. Once I learned that, celebrating my birthday in China was the only thing I wanted to do! We spent a week in Hong Kong and mainland, enjoying every moment of sunshine.

Jesse and Jen
I sure am a lucky girl

Jesse planned the best 30th birthday a girl could ask for. I think he felt bad that I would be away from most of my close friends on the big day because he went all out. The party was hosted on a private Chinese junk. I mean, COME ON! Look how cool that is!

Chinse junk
Chinese Junk / party boat

After spending the day on the boat, we all went back to our respective beds and recouped. Later that night we met up again in LKF for round 2. I’ll just be honest with you, Round 2 kicked our asses. We all had major sea legs and I felt way more hammered than I should’ve been (although to be honest, I probably was still drunk from the day). I don’t know how we finished two bottles, but we did. Damn, we’re troopers.

While I was away from a lot of close friends in Seattle, I was fortunate to have my great friends in Hong Kong and China join us. I love those guys and sure do miss them while I’m back in Seattle.

Celebrate your 30th birthday in Hong Kong

If you find yourself in Hong Kong during your 30th birthday, and if your birthday falls in the summer, I highly recommend a boat party. Hong Kong is a great place for boat parties- you can usually find a party to attend every weekend. Usually, the host will reserve a boat and order catered food. Guests are required to pay to join the party and, depending on the host, bring alcohol. If enough people attend, the host can almost break even on the expenses. Because the goal is to get enough people at the party to offset the cost of hosting the party, friends of friends of friends show up, making it a great event to meet new people.